The planned closure of the East Finchley Library


I went to a Christmas fair with my family and found out that the council was planning on closing the East Finchley Library! I always loved going there because I used to go there to look at the Jacqueline Wilson books to see if there were any new ones, and I still do! This library is fantastic because it is open to the public. I was so angry at the council for wanting to close such a wonderful library, that I actually wrote a letter to them… here it is:

I am writing to you about the planned closure of the library in East Finchley. I think it is a very bad idea to do this. I would still think that having a library is very important and it should be kept open. It would be horrible if it was closed because people love to go there to borrow books and films, to read magazines, work on the computers and go to clubs like Kumon and Karate. People would be upset because if they go there oftentimes or even only a few times during the month, they do special things that make them happy. 

Even though there are three options.

There are some bad points about closing the library but there are good ones too. If you did close the library you would save a lot of money. I think instead of closing the library, you should save it and build housing on top of the library, to keep public spaces open to the public, and also creating housing at the same time. 

I think children would be most annoyed and unhappy if the closure happened because children, like myself, love books and films. There are long books for older readers, simpler books for younger readers, comic books, puzzle books, lovely movies for all ages and computers everybody can use. 

Books help you with your English and your imagination. A public library is wonderful because people in the same borough of the library can use it for free and enjoy going there. If you were elderly or had a disability you wouldn’t be able to go library if this one was closed, because this nearest library would be about one mile away from this one, in South Friern or Hampstead Garden Suburb. You could have more clubs to get more money, also, if there are some people who have no other people to talk to, to make them happy, they would go to this library and if they’re happy, they’re healthy.

I hope you would consider keeping this wonderful library open for everyone in East Finchley to enjoy.

Yours sincerely,

Maja Nowakowska (aged 10 years, 5 months and 15 days)

Now if you think the library should be kept open then click this link down below to sign the petition


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