Spooky and Funny story


It was as I was a few paces from the door that I began to have the sensation of being watched through the darkness. My friends and I had just come back from a party for a sleepover at my house. It was only six o’clock, but it was already dark since it was winter. Jessica was staring at the bush beside us. “I swear I could see something moving behind that bush!” she whispered. Jessica was right; I could see two glittering, cunning eyes hiding in the bush.

I was so scared.”What should we do?!” I asked, “Should we see what it is?” I shouted, unaware until Lucy said:
“Shush! You’ll scare it and make it furious. Speak more quietly!” Lucy hissed.
“Should we see what it is?” I whispered, more quietly.
“Just slowly approach or maybe don’t go near it, in case it bites!” said Louise.
“Louise, you’re such a drama queen, come on girls!” I whispered.
“You’re such a drama queen Louise, you always moan and complain!” muttered Jessica.

My heart was pounding so hard I could hear it in my ears. It was hard to find our way to the bush because there was so much fog. Lucy walked straight into a spider’s web, which wasn’t very pleasant for her – and very upsetting and annoying for the poor spider who had to re-build his Eiffel tower shaped web. “Ewww!!”exclaimed Lucy. Jessica also failed to reach the bush because some decorations had suddenly appeared. “How did that get here? Those light-up ghosts, spinning bats and carved pumpkins are NOT supposed to be here, AND that really is annoying, they made me fall over!” complained Jessica.
“Really! You have got to be kidding me! Why is there a Christmas tree right in front of me if it’s Halloween tomorrow?!?!” I said surprised.
“Ok, we have seriously got to stop moaning and groaning because this won’t help if we’re trying to find out what is freaking us out here!” said Lucy.

So we set off on our mission again. Well I guess it wasn’t a mission, it was……well something to do, right? I slowly and as quietly as possible tiptoed up to the bush to see what was there. I held my breath and looked. “It’s only a fox!” I laughed. Jessica and Lucy took one look at each other and burst out laughing. “I can’t believe that we were petrified of a tiny baby fox!” spluttered Lucy. Jessica was laughing so hard she nearly fell over! “Well that was close! It could have been a vampire or a beast!” shouted Louise, even though she was laughing herself. “Ugh! Here comes the Drama queen!” I laughed. “What a surprising visitor before Halloween!” That was a weird day!


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