7 word story challenge



I challenge you to use only these words to make 7 word stories:

glow be globe trott
lobe lob bet rot
rotter otter O.B.E oh
lo low diss is
sat factor act at
factory Tory fact or
tor tour tore actor
sssssssss……..(the sound of a snake) dissatisfactory mountain mount
in tin earring ring
near nearing ear ing(a water meadow)
non miss mission commission
one Ions missy on
but butt red butter
‘fing(thing) utter fin finger
fingered in turf turfing
er gird butterfingered call
got ego stick is
go egotist egotistic tick
alley ally all lee
Lee advocate ship ships
hip hips ate eight
cat cate at hi
high sh

Remember you are allowed to use:

  • I
  • a
  • U (you)

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